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August 18, 2009



Hadn't heard of some of the groups you mentioned in your comment. Thanks for pointing me to them. It's not surprising to me that Athens would have made a few stabs at something like this idea before. That's why it could work here.

Also, am glad you told me about the Gainsville, FL Civic Media Center. Interesting project.

This is a wonderful idea; one that already exists in separated entities in Athens (Tool Shed, Hangar, Common Ground, and now, DARC); and one that has also failed (Athens Recess Center, Tight Pockets). Success in these types of endeavors requires tying participants to the mast, so to speak, which is always a difficult task. But, to keep with the sea metaphor, there's been a cultural sea change as far as D.I.Y. goes, and you're right in thinking that now might be the time for such an undertaking. The Montessori schools, the multiple school and backyard gardens and groups such as Athens Conscious Parent suggest that many are interested in greater community involvement. I hope I haven't lost it on this response, but I love the thinking on this post. For example, I'm very interested in creating public media program modeled after the Gainseville Civic Media Center, how about it?

My husband would. love. this. Or maybe it's me who would love it for my husband. No matter - it's an inspired idea.

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